Well hello!

We are the girls next door who met and shared a love for design, interiors and all things colour. We also share a birthday and just so happen to turn up to places wearing the same thing… all the time! Are we the same person? We seem to think so.

With all these common interests, it seemed silly not to join forces! Over many glasses of bubbles and COVID compliant fence hang-outs, we decided it was time to get in the studio and create some fun and colourful things that made our eyeballs happy and our hearts full. This was how Poppileo was formed.

Our designs are a little piece of us. A lot of us actually! When we design, we create things from the heart that reflect us and make us happy. Delicately curated, unique and authentic, we want to create something that will fill your home with love and joy. 

From our home to yours, we hope you enjoy.

C&S x